Start of a blog with a bit of numerology nonsense

The idea of starting a blog in English was slowly developing in my mind for the past year. I knew I was ready to try but, as usual with my ideas, I was not very quick implementing it.

The name Geek Inside came to me about two months ago, in October. Almost at the same moment .io domain materialized in my brain. was available. Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty geeky domain. Perfect for my original idea.

I left the name to incubate in my mind for about a month. And boy, have I asked my girlfriend a lot if it’s a good name for a blog or not during that month.

After a month the domain was registered. But of course, as any domain junky knows, it was not even a starting point for a project. It was just one more domain I was going to keep spending money on for many years to come.

If not for a certain number, this blog may have never come into existence.


One day a thought came to me that if I post to Geek Inside for a long time it would be cool to have a line somewhere like “published since…” or “established in year …”. Then I realized that right now it is year 2012 and my favorite number is 12. You know that thing about favorite number? Everyone should have a favorite number in childhood, and mine was 12 — I intentionally chose it when I was in junior school.

Suddenly the deadline was established — I was going to publish my first post on Geek Inside someday in 2012.

A few days passed and I read a tweet in which someone mentioned that the 12 of December will be the last day in the lifetimes of my generation when all the numbers of a day will be the same — 12.12.12.

It’s completely non geeky to care about that kind of stuff but I didn’t mind being non–100%-geeky with my first post. At least my decision to choose 12 as my favorite number in the childhood was not useless that way.

From now on I had even a more precise deadline.

I only had a few days to design the first version of Geek Inside and to write this blog post. Somehow it felt better than having infinite time ahead of me. I knew I didn’t have time to fiddle with all the design decisions, and CSS selectors, and font sizes, and color options.

I just needed to ship it by December 12.

Ship first, fix later, as geeks say.

Numerological things kept going

I know WordPress pretty well so choosing it as a publishing platform was a no brainer. (Another not very geeky thing about that blog, but I really didn’t want to learn Octopress in two days or who knows what else real alpha geeks use today for blog publishing. But I’m geek inside, not geek all the way through, so I hope it’s excusable).

I had a basic design priorities in mind so it was not too difficult to start hacking together a theme which would be:

  • Responsive and look good on mobile devices
  • Have one column for the text without sidebars
  • Use big dark text on light background
  • Use Proxima Nova as a body font

I started with the Foundation theme but soon realized that it was too difficult for me to quickly modify it with my design in mind.

Automattic, parent company of WordPress, is developing a new default WordPress theme each year. I decided to check the new one and see if it would be any better than Foundation for my needs. I actually knew the name of this year’s theme — Twenty Twelve — and searched it on Google by its name. But only when I was modifying the theme files I realized that the name of the theme had a twelve in it. What other theme could be better for a blog that you want to start on December 12th, 2012?

I was working on the design the other night and got distracted by There I read Jim Dalrymple’s post with a link to the Pantone Color of the Year 2013. By that time I’ve already decided I would use some kind of orange color for the blog title. I scrolled the page on the Pantone site and saw a list of all the Pantone colors of the past years. Here it was, perfect orange I was looking for the title, Tangerine Tango — color of the 2012. Everything was coming together.

It’s 1.0

So here it is, a blog post published on a December 12th, 2012. I even went an extra mile and posted it at 12:12 my time. I thought about going with the Greenwich Mean Time but then decided that I should celebrate that moment in my time zone.

I like what I managed to make in a few days.

The design as it stands today could be better in many ways. Spacing should be adjusted, the CSS and theme templates files probably need some clean up and a few more pages should be written. I’ll make Geek Inside better over time. Right now it’s just a 1.0. But it is published.

Real artists ship”, after all.